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Michael K, ist ein echter Langener und Schüler der 8a an der Dreieichschule.

Beide Tatsachen kamen zum Tragen, als amerikanische Schülern - zu Gast an der DSL- in Michaels Klasse kamen.

Als nämlich die Rede darauf kam, was die Stadt Langen auszeichnet, was Langen liebenswert und einmalig macht, wusste Michael sofort die Antwort.

Er sei, so gestand er offen ein, "in love with Langen". Die Langener wiederum hätten ein ganz besonderes Verhältnis, eine Liebe, zum "Applewine".

Hier ist Michaels Bericht, der Englisch seit 2 Jahren lernt.

A very big event in the life of a typical Langener is the “Ebbelwoi”-Festival, which is celebrated in Langen (Hesse) every year. The tradition started 32 years ago in 1973.
The German drink ”Apfelwein”(Applewine), which is some kind of cider has given the festival its name.
(Das Bild zeigt Schüler der 8a. Sie befragen Rolf, amerikanischer Schüler aus Oregon, Wisconsin, in der Mitte im grünen T-Shirt).


In the background the old church in downtown Langen, in the foreground a so-called "Ketten-karussel".
Don't miss it!

The picture in the right top corner shows a huge "Bempel".
Small bemples are filled with Ebbelwoi.

It starts on the last weekend of June on a Friday afternoon and goes on for 3 days up to Monday night. A part of the city is closed for the traffic because thousands of visitors stroll through the “Old Town”. There are plenty of original cosy cider taverns called “Heckenwirtschaften”.

On Friday night when it gets dark cider fans can enjoy big fireworks. On Saturday afternoon at 5pm you can see the coronation of the “Ebbelwoi-King”.

> Be prepared to meet many people there.

Some may not know that many people in Langen still make their own traditional cider. Some weeks before the festival they send their homemade cider to a jury which selects the best cider. After the coronation of the “Ebbelwoi-King” there is the “Ebbelwoi-Daaf”. People who weren’t born in Langen, but live and work there are baptized with cider so that they can become true “Langener” people.

On Sunday morning there is the “Ebbelwoi-Staffel”.
Each team consists of 4 people, young and old. It’s a funny event because the teams have to master funny exercises with balls or rings and water. Many natives go to see this event and have a lot of fun. The winner of this competition receives a big cup. During the “Ebbelwoi”-festival “there is a lot of live music and many bands play in the big tent in the middle of the festival.

On Monday morning and afternoon most of the shops in Langen are closed and the employees go to pre-lunch in the marquee. The afternoon belongs to the children and young people who like to have a ride on the merry-go-round.

The evening of Monday is also very popular among all the people in the area around Langen. People like to pass the evening in one of the original cosy cider taverns of the “Old Town”. This is very nice because one can find a lot of romantic gardens and backyards.

Another interesting part of the “Ebbelwoi-Festival” is the “Bachgassenmarkt”. It is a market which takes place on Saturday and Sunday in the Old Town. Here one can find a lot of decorative art and handmade things. The “Ebbelwoi-Festival” has a fixed place in the life of many persons in Langen. With its 33 years it is a big traditional event in the Rhine-Main-Area.
See you again - in Langen next year!

with Michael K., 8th grader and author of this article
Are you a real native (= Langener?) and how do you feel?

Yes, I am and I think it's nice to be a real native because Langen is a nice town. Here you can find lots of things people love.


Do you go to the Ebbelwoi Festival regularly? Why?

Yes, I do.
My parents and my friends go to the Ebbelwoi Festival. On one day I go with my parents, especially on Monday evening. Then we sit in a court or backyard with friends and eat local dishes.

On Friday I go with my friends and I enjoy the fireworks. If you want people this is the time.

One - what do you like best and two - what should guest students do to enjoy themselves there?

One: the fireworks and that I can meet a lot of people, young and old.

Two: I propose to celebrate the festival on Friday evening because many people come from everywhere and it is fun to see the nice fireworks. Don't miss to visit the old part of town. There the cosy backyards are open to the public. Then drink applewine and eat local specialities in a nice atmosphere.

Newsreport by Michael K. (Langen /Germany), Jgst. 8,
Broschüre der Stadt Langen: "In Langen läßt sich's leben",
Inhalt: Langener Zeitung vom 24.06.2005;
Webteam, 07.07.2005