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- Kursfahrten einmal anders gesehen
- London Guide

London - Capital of the Empire
A pupils diary


The cementary in the neighbourhood granted absolute silence .

A pupil's diary: Fish 'n Chips, Bobbies and Big Ben

Saturday (01/09)
The day began very early for me at five o’clock because our departure was at 9:55. After we had arrived at London Heathrow airport (we passed a lot of fussy security checks), we had to go by tube (Piccadilly/Bakerloo Line) to our accommodation.

The sight of twenty young persons with their luggage crammed into this small tube compartment was surely very strange for the local people.

To forget the shock about the condition of our youth hostel, we decided to set off to the football match Fulham FC versus Tottenham Hotspurs. Unfortunately the game was sold out. After this disappointment we decided to go on a short sightseeing tour before we had to be back for the evening programme (to visit a pub together).


Sunday (02/09)

In front of the Parliament at Westminster
After a ”varied” and ”nourishing” breakfast we started our day excursion at 9 o’clock. First of all we visited Westminster including Downing Street No. 10. Afterwards we made a boat trip (Thames) to Greenwich where we took a group picture on the Prime Meridian line that divides the East from the West (longitude 0° 0' 0'').

During the afternoon we visited also the Royal Observatory, the RoyalNavalCollege and the Docklands where we made a little walking tour through because we were not able to find a railway station which has a connection with the Piccadilly Line. The rest of the evening we spent to explore the pubs in the vicinity of our hostel.


Skakespeare's Globe

Monday (03/09)

After breakfast, which did not live up to the word ‘breakfast’, we had a guided tour through the Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre at 11 o’clock. Before we went back to the Globe for a performance of the play The Merchant or Venice in the evening we had a free afternoon.

The performance was very impressive because of the structure (design) of the Globe Theatre. Those people who had tickets for the yard (standing) room had the possibility to come very close to the actors during their performance.

Some of us had the impression that they had to watch out for the possible danger of swords and knives being handled very carelessly above their heads.


Tuesday (04/09)

Westminster Abbey

We visited the following sights in the morning: Trafalgar Square, the Mall, BuckinghamPalace, St. James Park (where we had a short lunch break and some of us took a short afternoon nap) and Westminster Abbey. Afterwards we had a guided tour through the Houses of Parliament, one of the highlights of the journey for me, as I am very interested in politics.

The guided tour through the Houses of Parliament was very interesting but also strenuous because we were not allowed to take a seat anywhere in the Parliament except in the souvenir shop. Moreover our guide was a typical old English woman comparable to Margaret Thatcher.

Wednesday (05/09)

In the morning we decided to go to the inner city of London to buy typical touristy things like post cards, T-shirts and so on. I noticed for the first time that there was also the Rugby World Cup going on because England was the titleholder.
Nevertheless we met at 2 o’clock at our meeting place, the BritishMuseum. We had two hours to inspect this large museum. To me it seemed to be bigger than all museums on the Museumsufer in Frankfurt together.

The next destination for that day was Harrods where we saw more or less all the luxury articles that we can also buy in Germany but admittedly without this special and priceless British charm.

Thursday (06/09)

London Bridge

Being allowed to decide what I wanted to do in the morning I chose to visit the London Tower Bridge Exhibition together with Christine, Fiona and Nina. With our student cards we got the admission tickets a little bit cheaper.

Later the whole group visited Camden Town Market where everybody had the chance to find something after his or her taste, because this market is very large. The programme of the evening was the visit of the musical “The Lion King” which was the first time I saw a live performance of a musical. It was fascinating but for the price of £ 35 per ticket it was to be expected.

The new Beatles

Friday (07/09)

At 10 o’clock we set off to Abbey Road to pass the zebra crossing as the Beatles took the picture for one of their first record covers. Although we tried hard not all the groups looked like exact replicas of the Beatles.

Afterwards we walked up the Hampstead Heath Parliament Hill (3750 inches) before we met again for our last evening meal in London.

In the afternoon I took my last chance for a boat trip where I could relax from the gripping but also tiring week.


Saturday (08/09)

Mr Charlet's LK (without Mr. Charlet himself who took the picture)

The depart day arrived and I left London with mixed feelings. On the one hand I wished I had the chance to stay longer in London because this city is a real “world city” - in a way comparable to Berlin but much larger and nevertheless unique and exciting like no other city in Europe (or probably in the world).

On the other hand London is really too expensive. I spent more than £ 300 during this week and I did not reside in the Four Seasons Hotel but in a youth hostel. And the advantage of a bathroom which you do not have to share with four or more people is a real merit in my opinion.
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