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Romanlektüre in der Jgst. 10

The Curious Incident of The Dead Dog
In The Night-time

> Comic
> Der Protagonist
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Comic von Michelle K.
Der Protagonist

Die Kapitel dieses Romans sind nicht durchnummeriert, sondern nur Primzahlen, also 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23, 29, 31, usw. stehen den Kapiteln voran. Das letzte Kapitel hat die Nummer 233. Schon diese Tatsache zeigt, dass der Ich-Erzähler, Christopher, so ungewöhnlich ist, wie die Nummerierung "special".

Sensibel, ordnungsliebend und intelligent ist Christopher. Die andere Seite zeigt einen unsicheren Charakter, dem es schwerfällt, Mitmenschen einzuschätzen und die Umwelt so zu sehen, wie die Oberfläche sie zu zeigen scheint.

Der zweite Blick, das Wesen der emotionalen Welt, das ist es, was Christopher nicht versteht. Der Prozess, in dem er lernt, besser zu verstehen, macht den Reiz des Buches aus und zeigt Christopher in vielen eigenartigen, ungewöhnlichen und schrägen Situationen, die die Sympathie des Lesers auslösen.

Find the correct words for the speech bubbles + solutions von Michelle

1 - Chapter 2

1. It’s late… I should go home now!
2. Oh, no! Now the fork is full of blood!
3. Who might have killed Wellington?
4. Good thing he’s dead. I don’t like dogs.

2 - Chapter 5 

1. Let go of that fucking dog!!!
2. Hey, Christopher. Nice to see you!
3. Would you like to stay for a coffee?
4. Would you please take some distance from my dog?

3 - Chapter 5

1. Oh, no! I’ve forgotten my homework…
2. Stop it!!! I don’t like people shouting at me!
3. How late it may be now?
4. My father once told me something. But I can’t      remember what it was…
4 - Chapter 11

1. Take my hand, my little friend.
2. I am going to ask you only once again!
3. Ok. I admit that I’ve killed the dog.
4. Let us talk about the problem while having a cup of tea.

5 - Chapter 59

1. Christopher:  I merely came to tell you that I didn’t kill
    Mrs. Shears: Leave my property!
2. Christopher:  I came to tell you that I didn’t kill him.
    Mrs. Shears: I believe you.
3. Christopher:  Do you have some sugar for us?
    Mrs. Shears: Of course. That’s what neighbours are for!
4. Mrs. Shears: Go away!
    Christopher:  Ok. I’m just on my way.

6 - Chapter 233

1. Let's do something together, OK?
2. Nice that I get to know your son.
3. Lunch was awful today.
4. I don’t want him to stay in our house for long.


1 - 3

2 - 1

3 - 2

4 - 2

5 - 1

6 - 4

Schlüsselszenen + Aufgaben gezeichnet + erstellt von Tim G.

1. Was geschieht unmittelbar
a. vor jeder Szene,
b. was danach?

2. Erläutere:

3. Versehe jede Szene mit
direkter Rede oder mit
den Gedanken des Protagonisten.

4. Zeichne eine
Schlüsselszene vom Ende des Romans oder stelle das Ende szenisch dar.
Written by Jessica
The story of the novel "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time" by Mark Haddon, takes place in Swindon, a small town in England, where a boy, called Christopher, decides to investigate "the murder of his neighbour's dog".

The autistic protagonist Christopher is fifteen years old and a very intelligent pupil, but his many facetted character is one with various dislikes and behavioural problems. He lives alone with his father, because he is told that his mother is dead.

The story begins when Christopher finds Wellington, the dog of his neighbour, Mrs. Shears, lying in her garden with a garden fork in his corpse. Because this incident concerns him so much, he decides to find the real murderer.

His father finds out about his “detective work” and forbids it. But Christopher continues his research. During his investigation he finds letters from his mother in his father’s wardrobe. Apparently she lives in London with Mr. Shears, the person she has a love affair with.

Christopher identifies his father as the murderer of Wellington. Christopher's father wanted to take revenge on Mrs. Shears, because after being left by his wife with Mr. Shears, she also didn’t want anything to do with him.

After taking an unauthorized trip to London, Christopher finally gets to live with his mother and leaves his father. Summarizing, this novel shows the story of a young boy, getting to the truth about his own life by trying to solve a murder case.
Taboo von Sandy






Make groups of four or six persons. Each person has a partner, he/she plays together with.

Then you get cards with red words on them. You have to describe those words without using certain other words.

Objective: You must try to describe as many words as possible in a given time. (1 min.)
The one who gets to the end first wins the game.

Explain “Christopher“ without using “narrator“, “main character“  and “individual”.

Possible answer:
He’s the person who tries to find out who has killed Wellington.

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