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10 Things ... Teil 2
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"Everybody can see how a dangerous cat
can turn into a pussy cat"

> Introduction
> Task (Aufgabe)
> Caro
> Valeska (1), (2)
Wer, was, wann, wo?

"10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU" (10 Dinge, die ich an dir hasse) heißt das Buch, mit dem sich dieser Artikel beschäftigt. Das Buch berichtet vom Leben in einer amerikanischen Highschool und wurde in englisch der Jgst. 10 gelesen.

Im Mittelpunkt steht Kat Stratford, die mit Jungen nichts (mehr) am Hut hat. Kat wird aber zum Wetteinsatz als Cameron sich in Kats Schwester Bianca verliebt und mit dieser ausgehen möchte. Bianca darf nämlich nur unter der Bedingung ausgehen, dass ihre Schwester auch ausgeht.

Und es sieht zuerst so aus, als würde das nie geschehen, bis Patrick auftaucht und auf die Wettidee des verliebten Camerons eingeht ...

Teil 1
popular = beliebt

Anti-Prom Nightmare Girl = Mädchen, mit dem keiner auf den Abschlussball will

at first sight = Liebe auf den ersten Blick

date = ausgehen
desperately = unbedingt
come up = ausdenken

Kat Stratford -
is not a popular girl. She keeps her "head high" but also her "eyes open". For the boys at Padua High School she is the "Anti-Prom Witch Nightmare Girl".

Bianca Stratford -
Kat' sister on the contrary is very popular. When she is around boys "fall over their feet".

Cameron -
says "I burn, I pine, I perish" when he first sees Bianca. For him it is love at first sight.

Mr. Stratford -
is afraid that his daughter Bianca might get pregnant by some "wild boy". He says that Bianca can't date as long as her sister Kat doesn't. Mr Stratford is pretty sure that Kat never will.

Cameron has fallen in love with Bianca and desperately wants to take her out.
But he knows: No chance for him as long as Kat doesn't date. So Cameron comes up with a plan...

- Verleihe den starken Gefühlen im Buch entsprechende Ausdruckskraft in deiner Arbeit und erläutere deine Meinung.

- Show the strong emotions in the book by giving them an appropriate expression in your work + explain your choice.


Example 1
(see above)

1. Appearance
One can see ten foot prints in different colours. In each one of them stands a part of Kat's poem, which she recites to Patrick. I put a red frame around the tenth foot step in the right corner at the bottom. In the left corner at the top you can see "ten things I hate about you". The background colour of my picture is white.

2. Arrangement
I painted my feet with water colour and stepped on the paper afterwards. The foot steps overlap because of my big shoe size and the small space on the paper. They are freely arranged.

3. Purpose
I chose Kat's poem as the topic of my picture for two reasons. First, because in my opinion it is said in a very emotional scene and second because it symbolizes the entire book.
I emphasized the step with the inscription "But mostly I hate the way I don't hate you. Not even close, not even a little bit, not even at all" through a red frame because it seems to me to be the most important part. It shows that Kat loves Pat and has contradicted herself the preceeding part of the poem. That is why the last part has a special position in the poem, which is also reflected in my picture.

I chose ten (foot)steps because it is called "Ten things I hate about you". They stand for kicks one gets and are an expression for Kat's hatred. I used different colours for them because that shows Kat's positive feelings for Patrick, her love.
Caro F.


First of all I’d like to say that the picture shows my idea of a cover for „10 Things I Hate About You“.

In my opinion a real cat is the best symbol for Kat – one of the main characters in the book. A cat acts just like Kat does because animals are independent, lone wolves and they leave you when they want.

Kat doesn’t want to deal with others because she thinks that all the people around her are idiots – except her best friend Mandella. She keeps herself away from others.

The cat bares its fangs and it seems as if you could hear the cat’s hiss. The cat looks so aggressive because it stands for Kat’s feelings when she gets to know what Patrick has done to her.

I’ve changed the title into „10 Things I Hate About U“. The „U“ stands for Patrick and it is scratched by the cat's claws because I think Kat like to kill him if she didn’t love him.

Moreover you can find a double meaning in the cat-symbol. Feelings and behaviour are created by the moment. In one moment the cat looks aggressive and you don’t even want to touch it - but the next moment Kat and Patrick have solved their problems and they fall in love.

Summing up everybody can see that a dangerous wild animal can turn into a pussy cat.

The main characters
Kat, Patrick, Mandella, Bianca
b. Relationship between the main characters
The most important persons...

... are the two sisters, Kat and Bianca. The whole story is based on the family rule which says that Bianca can only date if Kat does.
Therefore I fixed it in the middle of the paper and the other persons around it because they all wouldn’t be connected if there was no family rule.
The yellow coloured sentences are typical sentences for persons or opinions. Bianca says, e.g.:“There’s a difference between like and love: I like my Sketchers but I love my Prada backpack.“

So you can see that she’s very superficial at the beginning of the story. The white sentences show the relations between the persons. Example: Kat and Bianca are sisters or Cameron and Michael become friends.

In my fantasy the persons look different than the actors in the film and I tried to paint them in such a way that everybody who hasn’t seen the film or read the book can immediately see the persons' character.

Finally I’d like to say that I think it’s important to know how the persons are connected if you want to understand their behaviour and the motives.

Valeska D.